About Us



Brian is a serial entrepreneur with a love for design, food, and real estate.  Brian’s last name is Corcodilos which means Crocodile in greek.  His family’s history spans his father’s side of the family based in New Jersey which included deli’s, diner’s, and catering.  His relatives still own a diner called Mastoris in Bordentown New Jersey today and he worked there for 6 years from the age of 16-22.  His love for food started in 2nd grade when he would pretend to be sick in school, just to go work at his father’s deli for the rest of the afternoon.  He also spent time in the catering industry from 6th to 9th grade at his Uncle’s deli.  Brian’s other passion is real estate where he is the CEO of Designblendz which is a company that helps their clients streamline real estate development from architecture through construction.


Marcie is a huge Philly sports fan, certified chocoholic, and brunch enthusiast. While she has no past experience in the restaurant biz, she certainly has extensive eating experience. She appreciates the finer foods in life, whether it be fresh escargot within sight of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or an order of cheese fries from Chloe’s at 2am (yes, “the tent” on Main Street Manayunk- they’re BOMB). Onions are one of her worst enemies, but if you don’t tell her they’re an ingredient, she’ll eat them anyway. This proud Irish girl also likes to enjoy a nice bevvy here and there. Marcie currently works in the apparel industry at Boathouse Sports based out of North Philly and still wishes she was a Phillies Ballgirl (shout out to my 2012-2013 girls!!).